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Echo 설치 체크
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I'm getting a couple of errors (with latest master of Liberty):

Undefined index: notifications-alert in skins/Liberty/LibertyTemplate.php on line 638
Undefined index: notifications-message in /home/sam/code/wikimedia/mediawiki/skins/Liberty/LibertyTemplate.php on line 639

It seems to not be checking whether Echo is installed. I'd raise a bug with the developers, but their Phabricator is all in Korean.

에코 설치 여부 체크 안 하는 듯.

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노트북 새로 사면 바로 개발환경 세팅하고 고치겠습니다. 그 전에 고칠 시간이 있다면 고치고요.. 히히 XPS 사야지

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