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  • 데드라인: 2020년 3월 1일

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Flex offers you the same pay-per-use model you were used to on the Concept plan. The main differences are that we are no longer offering 10,000 free emails or 100 free validations per month, and our support options now include limited ticket support as well as enhanced self-service Q&As so you can find answers faster. Additionally, while your existing routes will still be functional, new routes will not be supported on this plan.

지금 미디어위키 인프라가 AWS에서 돌아가니까 SES 보내고 EC2에서 쏘는 메일 한달에 6.2만개까지 무료 먹을지, 아님 딴 데 알아볼지 생각해 봐야 함. 파브리케이터 는 AWS 밖에서 돌아가니까 SES를 타든 어딜 가든 돈 내야 됨.

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revi triaged this task as High priority.Fri, Jan 31, 1:37 AM
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일단 US West (Oregon) us-west-2 리전에 도메인 생성.

revi updated the task description. (Show Details)Fri, Jan 31, 2:01 AM

On March 1, 2020, we will automatically transition your account to the new Flex plan

3월 1일까지임.

revi added a comment.Fri, Jan 31, 2:25 AM

SES는 하루에 보낼 수 있는 메일 갯수 제한이 있음. 샌드박스 탈주하려면 이 값을 늘려달라 해야됨.

  • 2020년 1월 1일부터 지금까지: 하루 평균 약 40-50개, MAX: 6일 210개, 22일 207개. (왠지 궁금하지만 전부다 로그 저장 기간이 지나서 알 수 없음)
  • 2019년 12월: 하루 평균 메일 50개 이상 안 보냄, MAX: 27일 104개
  • 2019년 11월: 하루 평균 메일 60개 이상 안 보냄, MAX: 19일 93개
  • 2019년 10월: 100개 넘는 특이점 제외하고는 50개 미만, 100개 넘는 날짜가 5일(115개), 10일(340개), 12일 (121개), 15일(200개), 24일(103개).

피크 대비해서 하루에 500개면 충분할 것으로 생각.

revi added a comment.Thu, Feb 20, 2:29 AM

Case ID 6822475421

  • Limit increase request 1
    • Service: SES Sending Limits
    • Region: US West (Oregon)
    • Limit name: Desired Daily Sending Quota
    • New limit value: 1000
  • Limit increase request 2
    • Service: SES Sending Limits
    • Region: US West (Oregon)
    • Limit name: Desired Maximum Send Rate
    • New limit value: 30
Describe how you will comply with AWS Service Terms and AUP
We only send notifications about the actions they subscribe (example: ), and they have to confirm their emails within 7 days of adding new emails so they actually intend to do so.
Describe how you will only send to recipients who have specifically requested your mail
Users have to verify their email address when they initially add their email address (or no emails are sent), and we have various user preferences settings to ensure people are getting emails for what they have subscribed.
Describe the process that you will follow when you receive bounce and complaint notifications
Their email will be removed from the database, and no emails will be sent if the user complains about the emails.
Use case
* How do you plan to build or acquire your mailing list?
We are not a marketing site, we do not send newsletters, and all emails we process comes from the user input for the email in the settings of our software.
* How do you plan to handle bounces and complaints?
Complaining addresses will be removed from the preferences value to stop sending them emails.
* How can recipients opt out of receiving email from you?
All emails have a footer to notify that "you can change your email preferences on our system" with a link to change it.
* How did you choose the new sending rate or sending quota that you specified in this request?
We used to use Mailgun, so we looked up the statistics for last 6 months, and we had about few hundreds of emails at the peak time, so 1000 should be a good limit, considering our growth and thus more emails.
revi added a comment.Fri, Feb 21, 12:04 AM

킹마존 갓마존

  • 일 제한 60,000
  • 초당 30메일

Thank you for submitting your request to increase your sending limits. Your new sending quota is 60,000 messages per day. Your maximum send rate is now 30 messages per second. We have also moved your account out of the Amazon SES sandbox.

This takes effect immediately in the US West (Oregon) region. You can view the current sending rate and sending quota for your account on the Sending Statistics page of the Amazon SES console, or by using the GetSendQuota API.

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